I cannot say with certainty which of my motives are the strongest, but I know which of them deserve to be followed.”
– George Orwell: Why I Write, 1946

A cultural blogger’s virus known as MEME was passed on to me by Becky.  I would like to relate  my reply to her meme with  the meeting I had with  my online friends from the blogosphere.

First EB Summit in Manila 2007

It was a memorable and joyful experience.  Being there with them, seeing and hearing them was an education in itself!

Hmnnn…let me emphasize this word :”experience“. I am a person who does not only see but I observe. I do not only hear but I listen. I do not only breath but I live.  Life is my school where I learn. What I learn is what I want to share and I want to write about my experiences in living this challenging but beautiful life.

In this experience, I wanted to add the famous words or inspirational thoughts of people who learned to live their lives. Quotes which have a healing or peaceful touch.  Quotes taken from a hard earned life or from a blissful life.  Whatever is the history behind a quote, I believe it is gained from EXPERIENCE.

This is the reason why I blog, because I believe, any experience has that wisdom to fill us up, has that power to transform us and  lead us to what we can be or to what we want to be!


A unique and outstanding blog is one so compelling and remarkable that it sticks with you  days later you still want to tell folks to experience it. A unique and outstanding blog has an amazing impact on a reader. It is unforgettable to both the adult and the kid in you.Liz Strauss

A blog is like a book where you can see the readers reading it and talking back to you.”  – Mark McGuinness

I love all sorts of ideas and philosophies. . . . I need to play around in the sand boxes. . . . I have to at least look, with blogging, I wanted to participate.” Thomas R. Clifford

We can almost transmit thoughts from one mind to another. Blogging is almost compu-telepathy.“- Steven Streight

Blogging can really bring the best out of you, if you’re the right kind of person. ” –  Alister Cameron

It’s truly addictive to find a voice I didn’t know I had.”-  Robert Hruzek

I want to be an anpproachable resource who says to new writers that we can walk the walk together. ” –  Karen Lynch

Anyone can do it. It’s so accessible to anyone. There are so many great ideas. It’s going to be so exciting to see where it goes.” –  Carolyn Goodwin

A person who is under the radar can share an opinion, and still stay under the radar if they want . . . but they can still have a voice.“ – Shirley George Frazier

Not only are my readers learning, I’m learning from everybody.“ – Alyice Edrich

People by the millions trying to be part of a community . . . It gives people a chance where they can actively participate. Somehow, somewhere, at some point . . . ” –  William Tully

The great, compelling writers are the ones whose voices are unique and whose passion is palpable whatever the subject. Once I figured that out for myself, the process got much easier and . . . more fun. ” –  Steve Farber

Blogging is open access to people. You reach out and there they are, receptive, open, and gracious . . . If it were a live networked event, you might be intimidated “ – Kammie Kobyleski

I’m impressed how fast my blog has grown, how many people read blogs . . . all of these random people reading, learning.” –
Andrew Flusche

I’ll be curious to see what happens when the majority of people know what a blog is the way they know what a website is now.“ – Michelle Mitchell

It’s an exciting time to be a writer to be online, to move away from the traditional publishing model. This model is far more open to the writer’s voice . . . to have character and something to say.“ – Jay Andrew Allen

I make it my mission to learn something new every day. Blogging is a reason to do that. It helps me grow as a writer and as a journalist.“ – Jonathan Bailey

If what’s on that computer screen is real, it does carry over and you know it, . . . forging relationships, great ones, meaningful ones, . . . astounding.“ – Starbucker

Blogging works very well. It’s as if you start behind your shield of annonymity., and it lets you reveal parts of yourself as you want to.“ Char Polanosky

Blogging is a way to leverage technology so that I can share knowledge.” – Rodney Rumford

There’s a lot of nice people out there that needed the blogosphere to connect. Isn’t it great how you can open the network and people just help?!!” Phil Gerbyshak

I meet new people I would never connect with otherwise, people from all over the world. I love it. I don’t have to be someone I’m not. I like it because I can be just be.“- Chris Cree

I didn’t realize when I started a blog, that I was joining such a strong community of people . . . You’re talking to people who are there every day. You get to know them, their thoughts, and they become dearest friends, yet you’ve never really met in person.“ – Katiebird

You never know what you’re going to find when you start cutting into the wood. When you cut off a piece, you can’t go back. It’s like life, whatever you set out to do, you often end up somewhere different.“ – Derek Andrews

You get to know people through their writing first. That forces you to pay attention to what’s in their head, not insignificant things like how they look.” – Sheila Scarboroug

I will be a writer that keeps alive the music of the language, holds head and heart together in the words, and writes in hope and passion that one person will be better because he or she read what I wrote. – Liz Strauss


Three months in the blogosphere is not enough for me to judge which one is outstanding. However, I would like to mention some blogsites which at my first 15 minutes of reading its content, gave me a strong impact to think and then ponder; to admire and then smile and subsequently to be grateful…I found that blogsite!

Janet, these are my 10 emerging influential blogs:

http://www.allaboutolive.com.au/ – my oldest blogger!




 http://www.jakethemiserable.com/  – my youngest blogger!






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