I am slowly being poured out, drop by drop like water in a critter sipper bottle.
That’s how I feel my life.

It is a painless process, but it stings to find out there is less water in the bottle.
Time flies by quickly. Yesterday I was in the Philippines, only it wasn’t yesterday. It was six months ago. One half of the year has passed by…less water in the sipper bottle!Undoubtedly, I embrace the concept of living in the “now.” It is not good to let my eyes dwell longingly on past events, and it is equally wrong to always look forward as if better days are always ahead of me.Those who can live their lives now, embracing today with enthusiasm … those are the folks who’ve mastered the art of living.

I know without a doubt that I’m right about this. Failing to embrace the present is a mistake. No problem can be solved, no joy can be fully embraced, unless it is addressed in the present.

This does not mean it’s wrong to have fond memories.

This does not mean it’s wrong to look forward with expectation and hope .

But it does mean that life is meant to be lived, not wished for, or remembered. Past and future are secondary aspects of life; the present is primary, and always with us.

It must be handled with care, in much the same way that one must keep his eyes on the road while driving.

But I find it so difficult to embrace the “now.” I am always looking forward, or always remembering. I find that my days slip easily into the past without having been lived with enthusiasm. Shame on me. I hope this is not true of you, but if it is, shame on you too.

Carpe diem, and darn your lethargy, your regrets, your unjustified inhibitions.

Carpe diem, and live your life. Live it today, with certainty and well-founded joy.

Tomorrow will take care of itself if you live today as it should be lived.

And you’ll see yesterday more clearly, for what it really was.