“Only one thing is impossible for God: to find any sense in any copyright law on the planet . . . Whenever a copyright law is to be made or altered, then the idiots assemble.”  — Mark Twain, Mark Twain’s Notebook, May 23, 1903

 As a newbie, I never knew of lurking perils behind a website. My friend, Reyna Elena’s experience and reading about Amazon.Com case et al, kept me from continuing my third post about “How a newbie can build…”. I spent a whole day thinking how I will write my disclaimer. I do not want to appear too “legal”. I just want to let my gaga side to win over my sober personality, if I have one!


You are entering my site on your own free will, it is for external use only; if rashes, redness, irritation or swelling develops, discontinue use, ok?Any possible liabilities :

  • physical – you developed warts or allergies after prolonged reading of my nit-witted thoughts;
  • economic – your computer broke down after landing on my site because of my css/html/java scripts;
  • moral – you failed to see a pornographic content on my site and you feel doomed!;
  • physics – your computer begins to spin around your room;
  • para-psychic – you begin hearing my voice while reading my post;
  • emotional – irritability, sleeplessness or worst you broke up with your romantic partner because you are spending too much time on my site;
  • intellectual – you feel insulted by my errors: syntax and grammar, typos, choice of words and everything that you deem stupid according to your journalistic, scientific, business and educational background;

or every other nature is NOT my responsibility! Did I make myself clear like your blue morning sky? Sono stata chiara ??

The fonts, words, ideas or imaginations used in my site are made from 50% recycled electrons and magnetic particles and 50 % result of unexplainable phenomenon of my mental state. No salt, MSG, artificial color or flavor added; slippery when wet so be careful when you post your comments.

The images or graphics on this site are mine or were given to me by my friends which they stole from other sites or were forwarded by their friends of friends.

Any resemblance to real persons, even to myself, living or dead is purely coincidental.  No cruelty to animals or disrespect for religious, racial, social, asocial, sexual, bisexual or asexual minorities was never intended by yours truly.

If you find ANYTHING offending or politically incorrect on my site, it’s purely a product of your own imagination too, ergo, not my fault! Kidding aside, if you believe something should be removed from this site, as you know it is inaccurate or represents a breach of copyright, please use my contact form, just raise your eyes upwards and you’ll find it, sitting beside my other tabs, promised…it will be removed asap, say a month? a year? ok ..ok…fine…ASAP just don’t yell!

I have no money, I can’t afford a lawyer so it’s useless to sue me, I won’t be able to pay you if found guilty of copyright infringement . I intend to give a box of Tiramisù or a plate of Lasagna by linking back or giving credit to the site where I grabbed an interesting information, that is, if I remember. If I don’t, I’m sorry.

If you like my posts or images and you wish to borrow them or you want me to make one for you so you will be insulted too or worst steal them from me also, kindly give me a box of whatever special delicacies you have in your country by linking back or mentioning my name on your site .

Use my website at your own risk. Non mi dire che non ti ho avvisato.

© 2007-02-17 All Rights Reserved, ITALY
by QuotesinCan ***


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