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    No human relation gives one possession in another – every two souls are absolutely different. In friendship or in love, the two side by side raise hands together to find what one cannot reach alone.~ Kahlil Gibran’s words from Mary Haskell’s journal (8 June 1924)

    When  Carlo gave me “The Prophet” by Kahlil Gibran,  he quoted the above words of Kahlil telling me: “Our relationship is unique. No one  will understand the love we have for one another. We are two different souls walking side by side…” I was 16 then while he is 10 years my senior. Our relationship was purely platonic which lasted for several years till he died.

    Do you believe in platonic love between a man and a woman or even between same sex? Carlo conceived platonic love as pure and unconditional. “It’s the feeling that matters, not what you get out of it”,  he said.

    Our society scoffs at this kind of relationship. It wonders and suspects if an emotional and intellectual attraction between two persons can survive without sex.

    Since that day Carlo introduced me to Kahlil, I found myself  attracted to Gibran’s works and spirituality. I wanted to  know him more as a man.

    Reading the verbatim quotes from the journal entries , I discovered a beautiful platonic relationship between Kahlil and Mary which lasted for more than 20 years till his death. The 325 letters which Kahlil  wrote her gave me an insight of his innermost feelings and sensitivity as a man.

    Carlo, on your 10th  death anniversary today, I would like to raise my hands in gesture of salute to you as a man, as a treasured friend and as an intellectual lover who walked by my side unconditionally.

    Like Kahlil, your  favorite poet and philosopher, I have known an art of love far beyond human judgement. I owe you that Carlo.

    I am sharing some of Kahlil Gibran’s letters to tell the world that platonic love between two persons is possible!

    • Each and every one of us, dear Mary, must have a resting place somewhere. The resting place of my soul is a beautiful grove where my knowledge of you lives.
      (Extract from one of Gibran’s letters dated 8th November 1908)
    • Let me, O let me bathe my soul in colours; let me swallow the sunset and drink the rainbow.
      (Extract from one of Gibran’s letters dated 8th November 1908)
    • I want to be alive To all the life that is in me now, to know each moment to the uttermost.
      (Gibran’s words quoted from Mary Haskell’s journal dated 7th June 1912)
    • Imagination sees the complete reality, – it is where past, present and future meet… Imagination is limited neither to the reality which is apparent – nor to one place. It lives everywhere. It is at a centre and feels the vibrations of all the circles within which east and west are virtually included. Imagination is the life of mental freedom. It realizes what everything is in its many aspects … Imagination does not uplift: we don’t want to be uplifted, we want to be more completely aware.
      (Gibran’s words quoted from Mary Haskell’s journal dated 7th June 1912)
    • I realized that all the trouble I ever had about you came from some smallness or fear in myself.
      (Extract from Mary Haskell’s journal dated 12th June 1912)
    • Mary, what is there in a storm that moves me so ? Why am I so much better and stronger and more certain of life when a storm is passing ? I do not know, and yet I love a storm more, far more, than anything in nature.
      (Extract from one of Gibran’s letters dated 14th August 1912)
    • The most wonderful thing, Mary, is that you and I are always walking together, hand in hand, in a strangely beautiful world, unknown to other people. We both stretch one hand to receive from Life – and Life is generous indeed.
      (Extract from one of Gibran’s letters dated 22nd October 1912)


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