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    My son is dyslexic!!

    It was my friend’s anxious voice  over the phone.

    I allowed her to pour out her worries. Finally, when it was my turn to speak, I told her: Einsten was dyslexic too.  Einstein dropped out of High School and didn’t talk until he was 4 ..she yelled “what?!!!”

    For a moment, my mind drifted to an image of A. Einstein which I kept since high school. Oh those were my turbulent years! I hated going to school.

    Anyway, let’s not talk about myself now…let me think of Einstein.

    He is everybody’s model of a genius, may have only had an I.Q of 160 comparing to maximum I.Q’s of 200 or 210. His curiosity probably paid a huge deal in his achievements. Einstein said many times that he did not have anything special except for his imagination.

    He once remarked ‘Imagination is better then knowledge’.  Even Thomas Edison confirmed that: genius is  1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.  Those famous people were my alibi from not attending my classes 🙂

    Albert Einstein belongs to my list of supreme minds. A great thinker who believes in mystery, in love, in a Divine being, in cosmic religious sense, in peace, and most in simplicity and humour.

    NEXT: My collection of quotes will attest to what I’ve said about him.


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